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Discussion in 'Technical & Troubleshooting' started by toti hjli, May 9, 2018.

  1. toti hjli

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    May 9, 2018
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    deadlift so I find just getting this kind of pre activation really helps make sure everything's firing properly before I get into the movement and it's just a really really good warm-up for the deadlift specifically [Music] all right so that's one set I'm going to go through all of that one more time and then we're gonna get right into the deadlift so I will see you then we've got my final warm-up set now I'm doing I did one set with one plate aside but 25 kilo plates so they're 55 pounds each so it was 155 did a set of 10 and then Shred T3X instead of 8 at you know two plates aside which ended up being 265 and then I'm doing my final warm-up set here which is going to be 375 so three plates three twenty five kilo plates aside and then we are going to go for for 215 kilos which works out to just under 474 pounds I'm gonna see if I can get five at that and then you know we'll we'll see how things go and one other thing because I'm using this Texas deadlift bar the knurling on it like the grip is super super super rough



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