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Discussion in 'Technical & Troubleshooting' started by oruy seen, May 14, 2018 at 4:19 AM.

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    volume burned way more calories let's see here okay fuck here's a question 2012 season it's fucking weed oil okay to take well on a snake juice fast don't fucking take the weed oil you don't fucking need it unless fuck if you're not fat you don't even need 2400 fuck and cut it back why Keto 6X do you need 2400 calories because that ends up being 800 calories three times a week yeah you're gonna get results from that but fucked if you can go longer fast longer okay fast as long as you can that foods fine okay that foods fine fast as long as you fucking can can't see here David asks what do I think of alpha Destiny's naturally enhanced two days a week training routine no fucking world class



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